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You can place banner to the PTC website you work with in our banner rotator. Please note that we will place banners only to the websites which are in our Paying Sites list and New Sites list. If the website you adversite goes to our scam list we have the right to remove the banner as we are not advertising scam sites here. You can place another banner instead of scam site banner if the term of your banner adversitement is not yet finished.

You can order banner advertisement at admin@buxwiki.com and the current price is $5 per month.

We promise that our prices will always be the lowest as our aim is to create a powerful informational community and we use advertisement as a form of donation to future development of Buxwiki.

If you do not have a banner and want it to be created - we provide banner creation services. Please read Banner article to check our prices and view our portfolio.

Referral links in the article

If you want to add your ref link to the article about the website which is currently paying or new one, please contact us at admin@buxwiki.com. The price of adding link in existing article is $2 per month and it is free to add the link if you create the article by yourself. All the articles must be created according to our rules and placed to proper categories.

If someone likes to purchase the link in your article, he will have to pay $2 for it. Once you have created the article you can contact us at admin@buxwiki.com and provide your AlertPay/LibertyReserve ID's, we will pay you 50% from the link cost - $1 if someone decides to purchase the link. If you do not want us to sell the ref link in your article you should also contact us and ask about it. The more articles you create - the more chances to receive 50% from link purchases in your articles. We accept only AlertPay and LibertyReserve payments for now.

We will notify you about every changes in our prices in TWITTER