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PTC Type Pay to click
Direct Refs Limit (Standard/Premium) 200/5000
Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.001-$0.0015
Ref Click Value (Standard/Premium) 50%/100%
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) Varies
Payment Processors PayPal Payza, Neteller, STP
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) 5 Days
Minimum to Cashout $5
Upgrade Membership Price $55-$400
Status Paying
Owner Name Drew and Jesse
Country Canada
Contacts Facebook , Twitter
WHOIS Protected

General information:

Buxvertise is a PTC site where you you get paid to view ads, play the grid game, and complete offers from 3rd part offer walls. Site launched April 2014 and is owned and operated by Drew and Jesse (trafficreturn & simplyptp). Minimum cashout is $5 via paypal or pazya and paid out within 5 days.

The site script is evolution script and fully licensed.

The offerwalls include SuperRewards, PeanutLabs, and AdWorkMedia.

What is Icon Cash?:

The goal is to advance to the highest icon. When you join you will automatically be given an icon page to promote and get referrals. In return for the clicks you receive you can cash in your icon depending on the icon level. Once you have completed your icon you are given a choice to upgrade your icon or sell it. If you choose to sell it, the site will verify the clicks are valid and then you will receive payment in your purchase balance.

What is Wheel of Bux?:

It is a game that you can play daily and be given a chance to win points, discounts, or cash to your purchase balance. Points can be converted to your purchase balance as well.




Buxvertise (buxvertise.com) - Is it a Scam?

As of now the site is paying despite still being new. Most of the complaints from the web have been due to clicking on the anti-cheat link or due to cheating.

Payment Proofs:

Payment proofs can be found HERE