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Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) 10%
Payment Processors Check, Direct Deposit, Amazon, Gift Cards
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) Instant/1-14 Business Days
Minimum to Cashout $1/$5
Status Paying
Owner Name Day Online Solutions, LLC - Andrew Day
Country USA
Contacts Facebook Twitter

General information:

InstaGC is a GPT site where you can earn money by completing offers, watching videos, listen to music, completing tasks (crowdflower), search the web, and completing surveys. Pretty much a little bit of everything. Site launched Feb 25, 2011.

Owner's History Of Paying :

Formerly the owner of PrizeLive, MakeThatDollar, CentOffers, and other GPT sites that closed. All of them paid pending cashouts before closing. It was announced and ample time was given to cashout your earnings at these sites. Note that most of these sites stayed online for several years, if not longer before they decided to downsize and focus on one site - InstaGC.

Gift Cards:

Currently you can be paid via gift cards, check, or direct deposit. Gift cards are instant, checks take 6-14 working days, and direct deposits can take anywhere from 1-4 business days to receive. There is no paypal or other payment processors being used at this time. They have many gift cards to choose from and too many to list here but here is is glimpse of their gift card store:


All Countries Accepted?

Mostly top tier countries are allowed to join. However there are other countries that are allowed as well. We asked InstaGC awhile back about this and they declined to give us this full list for whatever reason they may have. However when it comes to gift cards, there is a list of countries that can cashout via gift card.


Offer Walls

Current offer walls available.


InstaGC ( - Is it a Scam?

This may be a question that some will ask before they join this site. At this moment I can say it is paying and is not a scam. There is little to no risk using this site. Other than a little bit of drama in their chat, but I have not had any issues in regards to getting paid here.

Payment Proofs

Proofs can be found HERE